Sleep…what is it good for?

I was never a good sleeper until recently…..and have spent years telling myself I was just one of those people who can “get away with” 4-5 hrs and be fine. I found that if I went to bed before midnight I couldn’t get to sleep, and have never understood that a person could really “need”Continue reading “Sleep…what is it good for?”

Why its important to build your muscle and loose fat as you age:

David Despain explains clearly the health risks of aging and losing muscle. He explains why the Isagenix Whey Protein from New Zealand is a great solution :+) I have been using this for 3 years, I have it for breakfast, and I have maintained 51 kg of muscle without going to the gym. I alsoContinue reading “Why its important to build your muscle and loose fat as you age:”

Our NEW Yoga studio is under way

We have just moved to our new home in Paton Road, Hope and are converting this double garage with bathroom into a Yoga and conference room and  a Physio room. It doesn’t look like much yet, but when fully remodeled, lined and heated it will be toasty warm and ready for Yoga classes by theContinue reading “Our NEW Yoga studio is under way”