Sleep…what is it good for?

I was never a good sleeper until recently…..and have spent years telling myself I was just one of those people who can “get away with” 4-5 hrs and be fine. I found that if I went to bed before midnight I couldn’t get to sleep, and have never understood that a person could really “need” to be asleep by 10pm if they were up at 6, and secretly thought the 8 hrs advised sleep was just for wimps.

I found this handy list on Facebook and posted it, and reading the list, realised that EACH item  on the list related to me, all being benefits I seek personally, and coach to my  clients across the board!

10 Benefits of a Good Nights sleep
10 Benefits of a Good Nights sleep

I have been lucky enough to marry a husband (no wimp) who would rather be soundly asleep before 10, ready for the 6.20 am alarm.  With him around I have had to make a nightly choice to “go to bed early” or stay up and “get things done”. Needless to say I have been getting to bed earlier some nights, bumping my average sleep hours to 6-7.

I have also been taking a fantastic Adrenal tonic, and some highly bio available minerals as part of a nutritional cleansing system I have used for the last 3 years, which allow me to stay asleep, once I get there.

This morning, I read a  study by the University of Pennsylvania that showed sleep deprived subjects ate more calories and would find it harder to drop extra weight. I could relate! One of the downers about staying up until 2am is that our body is not at rest and looks for food.

The lesson for me is; I’m doing O.K. with most of my health choices,but I’m still stubborn about the sleep thing. My new commitment to myself is to be in bed before 11.00pm 6 nights a week  for a month and evaluate the difference.Watch this space….

Are any of you late nighters with me?

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