Body Therapy

I’m a now de-registered New Zealand trained Physiotherapist (Otago) and have been working helping people all around the world for 32 years!  I ran a private practice for 17 years firstly in Nelson, then Collingwood, Golden Bay, and then at my home studio in Richmond, Tasman.

Having  recently de-registered as a physiotherapist, I can no longer call myself a physiotherapist or do “Physio” consults, ACC funded care or referrals to hospital and other “specialists”. I can however use the skills I have acquired to help you as a “body therapist”, yoga teacher, craniosacral therapist, herbal student

Previously, I have worked in a variety of settings and countries from hospital wards in New Zealand, to teaching gynecology to students in London, to a private clinic in South Africa. My last stint overseas was in 2001 for three months in the UK while traveling on a world trip with my son.  I locumed in many NZ practices prior to opening my own in 1995.

I have been an assistant to tutors in Craniosacaral Therapy and Holistic Pulsing, and ran numerous Anatomy, Aromatherapy, Massage, Holistic Pulsing and Yoga courses both as part of adult education course, and privately. I have contracted myself to several organizations in the past to assess, teach and provide support to their clients.

My special skills are in helping people problem solve their joint, muscle and connective tissue pain due to long-term development of unhelpful patterns of imbalance.  I do not “fix” people’s problems, but rather work with them to solve the problem.

How can I help you?

If you are stressed, have constant headaches, back pain, are awaiting knee surgery, have fallen off a ladder or suffered some form of accident, I may be able to help.  Perhaps you feel your balance is failing, are generally tight or sore? Do you want some immediate relief and a practical plan you can use at home? I specialize in individually designed  stretch and strengthening programs to help you with all that, as well as hands on treatment.

How do I do this?

I help to release muscle and connective tissue, freeing joints to work more effectively, allowing my clients to gain more from the stretch and strengthening programs which I write for them.

I have training in the following …

  • Diploma of Physiotherapy
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Myofascial Release (MFR)
  • Craniosacral Therapy (Upledger) many courses
  • Holistic Pulsing, (Dip. HP)
  • Yoga (teaching cert.)
  • Nordic Walking (Nordic Walking Leader NOWANZ)
  • Currently doing a certificate in herbalism, to be followed by a Diploma

My Prices …(unchanged for 10 years):

  • 1 hour private consult – adult: $90
  • 1.5 hour extended consult – adult: $120
  • 1 hour private consult – child (under 16): $70


I have really enjoyed my first term of yoga with Jacqui. Her knowledge and experience of the body is incredible. She explains so well why we are doing what stretch and what is connected to that stretch. I really love the smaller classes, which means there is time for her to give you that oneContinue reading “Luci- yoga student”

Luci- yoga student
Jill- yoga student
Kayleigh- nutritional cleansing

I am 56 and have M.S. This affects my leg strength, co-ordination and balance. It was hard to exercise without some good soul being there to support me. Jacqui suggested Nordic walking, I am thrilled to be able to walk independently around the vineyard, (rough ground) the beach ( soft sand) and walking paths generallyContinue reading “Anne- nordic walking”

Anne- nordic walking

Deep breathing, shoulders back,Two light sticks ,’ll get the nack.Propelled along,hands held low,Heel then toe’s the way to go.!Our tutor, Jacqui–(and this is no joke-)Says “You gotta walk just like a bloke!”  P.C. (82 yrs)

P.C. – nordic walking

Nordic Walking has revolutionized my walking. I had been a reasonably fast walker before a knee injury had slowed me down and made walking a painful experience. After knee surgery, my knee healed well but I was left with a weak leg, that tired easily. Nordic walking has transformed my walking experience. With Jacqui’s friendlyContinue reading “Ade – nordic walking”

Ade – nordic walking

“Good job Jac, I know that you were the catalyst that helped me change many years of soreness/stiffness in my back after only a couple of treatments.I can now say that I don’t suffer the stiffness between my shoulder blades any more – if I feel it coming on, I now know how to changeContinue reading “Brendon – myofascial release”

Brendon – myofascial release
Eniko – myofascial release, yoga


Please feel free to contact me to discuss any aspect of your care. Use the contact details on  the top right of the page to e-mail of give me a call.


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