Costs and course dates

Nordic Walking Taster:

– 1 hour + group class ( min 4- max 6 ppl) $25.00. Pole hire included
A fantastic introduction to Nordic Walking. Find out all about Nordic Walking and its benefits, and have a go.

Experience the technique, become familiar with poles, and gain a good insight into the benefits that can be attained from regular Nordic Walking.

If you want to run your own taster and can get a minimum of 4 people together for a Taster, I will run one to suit your timing.

Nordic Walking Starter:

– 2.5 hours then 1 hour 2 weeks later (min 4, max 6ppl)  $80.00 ea. Pole hire included

In this compact and intensive course you will receive a basic grounding in Nordic Walking technique. Theory, lessons and practical training detail the health benefits of Nordic Walking.

After two weeks we meet again for a second time and your Nordic Walking gets an hour polish.

Private Lessons:

I cater for individuals and group lessons at the rate of $90 per hour

If you can get a group of people together, call me and I can run a course to suit your needs.

Please call me on 03 5441645 to inquire or book for any classes.


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