Testimonials about Nordic Walking

I am 56 and have M.S. This affects my leg strength, co-ordination and balance. It was hard to exercise without some good soul being there to support me. Jacqui suggested Nordic walking, I am thrilled to be able to walk independently around the vineyard, (rough ground) the beach ( soft sand) and walking paths generally (even small hills). It’s so exciting to go walking alone, and be able to look about and take rests where and when I need.  Anne H

Nordic Walking
Deep breathing, shoulders back,
Two light sticks ,..you’ll get the nack.
Propelled along,hands held low,
Heel then toe’s the way to go.!
Our tutor, Jacqui–(and this is no joke-)
Says “You gotta walk just like a bloke!”  P.C. (82 yrs

Nordic Walking has revolutionised my walking. I had been a reasonably fast walker before a knee injury had slowed me down and made walking a painful experience. After knee surgery, my knee healed well but I was left with a weak leg, that tired easily. Nordic walking has transormed my walking experience. With Jacqui’s friendly encouragement and coaching, I have returned to my fast walking and am able to walk at a fast speed for over an hour without discomfort. My poles even accompanied me to Australia recently and were well used both on the beaches and on rocky tracks in the National Parks in Queensland, giving me that extra stability on uneven ground.

I just love getting out walking with my poles, and thank Jacqui for her enthusiasm and encouragement along the way. I am now aiming to complete the Buller Half Marathon – something I thought I would never be able to do again.      Ade Hulme, Richmond, Age 53

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