Nordic Walking

Nordic walking has been dubbed cross country skiing without the snow.

The benefits are numerous, including …

  • fantastic cardio fitness in 20 minutes a day
  • 46% more calorie burn than ordinary walking
  • works arms, spine, core and legs to achieve a total body workout
  • reduces the load on the hip, knee and ankle – great after joint surgery
  • strengthens and tones the back and tummy (core)
  • a great cross training option
  • a fun way to exercise in the great outdoors

You can also find out more at the Nordic Walking NZ website, which has a heap of information about the benefits of Nordic Walking.

My first Nordic Walking TASTER class, Richmond, Feb 2010


I have really enjoyed my first term of yoga with Jacqui. Her knowledge and experience of the body is incredible. She explains so well why we are doing what stretch and what is connected to that stretch. I really love the smaller classes, which means there is time for her to give you that oneContinue reading “Luci- yoga student”

Luci- yoga student
Jill- yoga student
Kayleigh- nutritional cleansing

I am 56 and have M.S. This affects my leg strength, co-ordination and balance. It was hard to exercise without some good soul being there to support me. Jacqui suggested Nordic walking, I am thrilled to be able to walk independently around the vineyard, (rough ground) the beach ( soft sand) and walking paths generallyContinue reading “Anne- nordic walking”

Anne- nordic walking

Deep breathing, shoulders back,Two light sticks ,’ll get the nack.Propelled along,hands held low,Heel then toe’s the way to go.!Our tutor, Jacqui–(and this is no joke-)Says “You gotta walk just like a bloke!”  P.C. (82 yrs)

P.C. – nordic walking

Nordic Walking has revolutionized my walking. I had been a reasonably fast walker before a knee injury had slowed me down and made walking a painful experience. After knee surgery, my knee healed well but I was left with a weak leg, that tired easily. Nordic walking has transformed my walking experience. With Jacqui’s friendlyContinue reading “Ade – nordic walking”

Ade – nordic walking

“Good job Jac, I know that you were the catalyst that helped me change many years of soreness/stiffness in my back after only a couple of treatments.I can now say that I don’t suffer the stiffness between my shoulder blades any more – if I feel it coming on, I now know how to changeContinue reading “Brendon – myofascial release”

Brendon – myofascial release
Eniko – myofascial release, yoga

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