My classes can be described as “Yoga for the stiff and sore”, because so many people are either sedentary or quite physical and have become tighter over time.

I’m a certified Yoga teacher, having trained at Hot Yoga in Nelson in 2009. For 10 years previous to that I taught a weekly Yoga class in Collingwood, Golden Bay and then in Richmond. I base my Yoga on my Physiotherapy training.

I now teach several weekly Yoga classes in my home studio each of the 4 school terms, and  for a short burst during summer holidays as follows:

Term 2 2021 classes May 3rd to July 1st :

Monday 5.30-6.50pm: until June 28th
Tuesday 6.30-7.40pm: until June 29th
Thursday 6.30-7.40pm: until July 1st

The above classes are currently running for term 2. There are spaces in all classes.

Term 3 2021 classes July 26th to September 30th:

I will be offering a similar schedule to Term 2 classes. Term 2 students get booking priority for term 3. New students most welcome. Please e-mail or text for info

Price break down:

$12 per class if booked for the whole term and paid upfront as per each class above.

$10 for a second class  per week booked and paid up front ( the smaller number of classes if apliccable).

$15 Casual. I often have casual spaces available for NEW people wanting to check out what “Yoga for the Stiff and Sore” is all about! Please e-mail or text to book a casual class. I will fit you in if there is space!

I limit class size to 14 people. Because of the small numbers, you get more individualized attention from a knowledgeable and practical ex physio than in most Yoga classes which can have from 20-40 people.

Covid 19 policy:

At this time I am NOT taking students who have had the experimental C19 injection, or anybody that lives in a household with someone who has had one.

We are concerned about the issue of transmission from an injected person to those not injected both in the Yoga class and in our home, as there are vulnerable people living here.

As the situation unfolds, and we see how this type of damage occurs here in New Zealand, this stance may be revised.

Thank-you for your understanding!

Please call me to discuss your particular needs. I’m here to help. See you here!


7 thoughts on “Yoga

  1. Hi jacqui

    I am interested in the classes on Tuesday or Thursday evening. Are there any spaces available and also how many weeks they run for and costs.

    Many thank
    Wendy Edens

    1. Hi Wendy,
      I have 1 space left for the Tues 5.30 class, and 2 spaces for the Thurs 7.15pm,
      They are both 10 week terms, so $120 per term per class.
      If you’d like to book, please e-mail asap to, or text 0274492326.
      Let me know if you’d like me to call and discuss your needs

  2. Hi Jacqui, It is my first time for Yoga. I am interested in “Yoga for Stiff and Sore” . Would love to see if you have anything on Monday or Thursday or Friday late afternoon. Thank you. CHALISA

      1. Hi Jacqui, Thank you for your reply. I am afriad that l could only
        do Monday 4-6pm
        Thursday 4pm-late
        Friday 4pm-late
        Please advise.
        Thank you

  3. Hi there,
    I would like to attend a evening yoga class to see if I enjoy it.
    Could you let me know if you have any spaces available

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